Big Easy Aerial Photography

The FAA recently released new regulations regarding the use and pilotage of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, to be implemented in August 2016.  The regulations are simple and clear, and provide for flexibility given enough time for approvals for extraordinary flights.  Key limitations include:

  • The UAV cannot be flown in controlled airspace (near airports)
  • Cannot be flown higher than 400 ft above the ground or 400 ft above the highest point of a structure being photographed
  • Visibility must be 3 miles or greater
  • The UAV must always be within sight of the remote pilot
  • The UAV may not be flown directly over people (important to note for event photography)
  • The UAV may not be flown at night


Most rules may be excepted for specific situations with prior approval of an FAA representative.  This means planning well ahead if you feel your subject will require an exception.  As a customer, you will not need to know or worry about these regulations, we will ensure all engagements are legal.  If you are interested, click on the FAA Logo for the full regulations.

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