Big Easy Aerial Photography

Make Your Real Estate Listing Pop!

It has been commonplace for years to have websites that present slideshows of the inside of your home, and maybe a few of the yard.  But how many pictures have you seen from above?  How about video of the outside and the surrounding area?  Differentiate your listing from others and let potential buyers get a true feel for the place you call home!

Inspect Your Potential New Home and Neighborhood

Home inspections are a critical step in having the confidence that your home buying experience will be a positive one, and that you are not investing in a money pit.  Having pictures and/or video of your potential new home from above gives a new perspective:

  • Check out the roof for any obvious damage or other issues
  • Look at the yard from above
  • Look at where you would be in the neighborhood and how your lot relates to others


Assist With Landscape Design

Need a perspective of your yard prior to a landscaping project?  Think how much easier it would be to draw a design on an existing top-down photo of your yard.

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